ScoopTHAT! II Ice Cream Scoop

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So let's talk about wonderful things.  For any ice cream lover, this little tool here is the invention of the century!  Know how hard it is to scoop well-frozen ice cream?  Well, forget about that.  That! Inventions Scoop That is an ice cream scoop with a thermo-ring heated scooping edges that make scooping smooth and effortless.

Heat Transfer Ice Cream Scoop

Our newest 'Scoop THAT!' features a redesigned scoop head for bigger, rounder scoops. The heat transfer handle generates heat from the biodegradable thermal liquid for ease of scooping with even the hardest ice cream. The hard anodized interior keeps the ice cream from melting and when turned over ice cream just falls out of the scoop.

Easy to Use - Easy to Clean - Biodegradable

Requires no batteries or electricity. Thermo liquid is biodegradable!

Prior to first time use, clean using cold or warm water. After each use, wash with soft sponge or wash cloth and mild dish washing liquid, wipe dry after cleaning. Store in drawer for your next ice cream adventure!

Larger Scoop of Ice Cream with Little Effort

With the contemporary redesigned scoop there is more surface area around the rim making the 2nd generation scoop 23% faster than the original plus giving you a more perfect, better and larger scoop of ice cream to enjoy. Achieving the perfect scoop is easy and great for anyone with arthritis or carpal tunnel.

Server Impeccably Round Scoops

Whether you're serving up root beer floats, apple pie à la mode, or just a good, ol' fashioned bowl of everyone's favorite dessert, you won't find a better scoop anywhere else. That perfect scoop of ice cream has never been so easy to make!