ELAGO Classic Case for Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

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We always love technology that gives a nod to nostalgic designs, and this Apple Pencil case from elago is all about that.  Brining back the old school pencil feel, change the look and feel of your Apple Pencil (v2). Mix old school with new school with this ergonomic Apple pencil cover.
  • RINGING BACK A CLASSIC DESIGN to change your stylus pencil into a #2 pencil! Not only is this design ERGONOMIC, it FEELS FAMILIAR! Bring back some NOSTALGIA by mixing the old school with the new school!

  • PREMIUM SILICONE WAS USED TO create this awesome product so that it can help protect your stylus and the surface it attaches to. Silicone PREVENTS SCRATCHES on the surface it rests on and KEEPS IT SECURELY THERE with amazing grip. The case is compatible with iPad and attaches magnetically as if there was no case at all!

Wireless Charging for the Apple Pencil 2 is hampered when using this case with the iPad Pro m1.  While elago is trying to fix this issue, please note that this version is NOT recommended for users of the iPad Pro m1.