RICHMOND & FINCH Cable Winder - Lightning to USB Cable

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Beautiful and uniquely designed cable winders with bold and exciting patterns. They provide a compact and easy way to store your charging cables.  Forget tangled and broken cables -- the Richmond & Finch Cable Winders retract to a small compact case when not in use.  Take your style on the go with this 90cm stylish and practical cable winder.

To Open - Take out both connectors from the case and gently pull both end out to the desired length.  Cable will automatically stop at the desired length.
To Close - Take BOTH ends of the cable and give it a slight pull to release.  With the slight pull, you will feel the cable snapping back inside the compact case.  Guide it with your hand until fully retracted, and secure both connectors in place.  
Reminder:  Avoid pulling the cables on just one end.  This will make it uneven and might give problems in reacting properly. 


  • Extendable snap-back function
  • Long Cable – 90cm
  • Tangle Free

Dimension: H5.5 x W5.5 x D2.4cm
Weight: 0.05kg