PLAYSHIFU Tacto - Coding | Story-Based Visual Coding

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Help kids THINK CODE with Tacto Coding
Dive into the world of coding with adventurous games! Use real figurines to program your way through the gameplay. Bring games to life, one code at a time!

Solve 200+ challenges with exciting gameplay and bite-sized sequences.
For Ages 4-10
TACTO CODING by PlayShifu helps early learners THINK code with exciting gameplay and bite-sized sequences. Did you know, it has been designed and created by coder parents?! Tacto makes coding fun and easy through interactions with VISUAL elements, NOT blocks of code. Kids drive the games on screen using real figurines, hands-on play that turns the tablet into a coding adventure!
Unlike many coding kits, Tacto Coding focuses on a LOT MORE than just direction-based coding. It incorporates the fundamental concepts of coding – inputs-output, loops, sequencing, decomposition, and branching. But, with engaging and age-specific storytelling!
Tactile play designed for Gen Alpha to acquire 21st century skills
With 3 games and over 200 levels, age appropriate storytelling and an animal-centric theme, Tacto Coding is a learning adventure that lasts for years!
The perfect coding toy for early learners!
FOR AGES 4-10, there are 3 different games with 200+ CHALLENGES that become increasingly difficult as you play through them. A child could play and learn from it for a much longer period progressing to advanced levels than other kits that tend to cater to a smaller age bracket.

‘Logical’ Reasons To Love Tacto Coding
Tacto Coding brings more than just direction-based coding. The games teach kids to think logically and solve problems creatively!
Specially designed to teach loops, sequencing, I/O, and selection with oodles of fun.
Coding made fun and easy through interactions with real-world elements, not blocks of code.  
Delightful storytelling to help children go from easy to advanced challenges as they learn and grow.

Learn foundational coding concepts like input-output, sequencing and algorithm design. Use the figurines on screen to code the levels:

  • Rotate and select the correct action
  • Slide and select how many times to loop an action
  • Save codes as functions to replay any time
  • Draw a path to define the inputs

IN THE BOX: 2 frames and 5 figurines (draw, rotate, slide, and 2 function figurines). Attach the 2 frames on the sides of your tablet and place the figurines in their slots. Pick a game and begin your coding journey - spread happiness with Mr. Buffy or go on a treasure hunt with Moka-Ika!
COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Tacto works with a range of tablets: iPads 5 and above (iPad 2 and iPad Mini 1 not supported) Android tabs 7-inches and above, minimum 2GB RAM (Samsung Tab A not supported), Fire HD 8 - 2018, 2020, Fire HD 10 - 2021(Fire 7 not supported). Tacto app is absolutely free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and works even without the internet (no ads or in-app purchases).