PLAYSHIFU Plugo - Link | STEM Puzzles Kit

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Build and solve S.T.E.M. puzzles with Plugo Link

Boost design thinking and engineering skills

Think strategically, build fun structures, and see your creations come to life!
Design structures with magnetic blocks, solve 300+ challenges

For Ages 4-10

PLUGO LINK (Part of Shifu plugo) is an AR-powered STEM gaming kit. It transforms your device into a fun-filled learning system and gives your kids the chance to solve real-world problems and develop their engineering skills. 

Spark STEM skills - Plugo Link is designed to spur the essential elements of STEM curriculum such as creativity, critical thinking, reasoning abilities, and spatial intelligence in kids. It is a gift your kids will fall in love with instantly.


Discover the magic of links

Build structures using magnetic links with 6 magnetic sides.  Build creative solutions with magnetic blocks in story-based games. Balance the structures to prevent them from toppling!

Extend your learning time

Develop engineering skills, creativity, reasoning abilities, spatial intelligence and creative thinking.

Playtime that builds skills for life

STEM-approved by Purdue University, Plugo Link helps children develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.  Plugo Link comes with 5 STEM games and 250+ levels. Ensures unlimited learning & engagement in real-world situations!

Classic blocks meet modern digital play

Build with magnetic blocks in the real world. Each structure is mirrored on screen to transform into animals, pipes or gears.

Grows with your child

Lots and lots of storytelling involved! You can also adjust the difficulty of challenges according to the child's age for ages 4 to 10.

- Plugo foldable gamepad
- Note: If you already have a gamepad from another kit, you may choose KIT ONLY.
- Plugo Link: 15 magnetic hexagonal building blocks. No Bluetooth and no electronics. The hexagons and the gamepad connect using embedded magnets. A help guide with step-by-step instructions is also included.

Download the free Plugo app and play 5 games with 250+ progressive levels. The games are designed to suit the learning needs of kids as per their age.

Works with iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets, Kindle Fire.  See photo guide for reference.