myFirst Drone Play!

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Air Hover Drone with Bounce Technology.

Enclosed propellers make it safe for little hands. Built-in fun and safety in mind! Equipped with Air Hover and autonomous piloting systems for maximum fun!


  • myFirst Drone Play! features an underside sensor, detecting height during the flight to ensure Drone stays in motion or hovered under 3 meters. Drone Play! is made of kids-safe material, ensuring safety during playtime.
  • myFirst Drone Play! acts on sensor-based flight patterns to detect opposing objects. Drone Play! changes course and flight direction after detection. Avoids collision with opposing objects.
  • myFirst Drone Play! automatically lowers height limit during flight motion; once in suitable height range, the direction of flight can be controlled with the hands-on sensor-based flight.
  • Caged protection encloses spinning propellers to ensure zero accidents and injuries. myFirst Drone Play! is safe to play indoors with anti-crash mechanical sensors placed on both front and rear. Safety is very important during the kids' playtime.
  • Propellers and mechanics enclosed in 360 degrees cage.
  • Sensor-based flight patterns avoid opposing objects i.e. walls, trees or furniture. Safe to play both indoors and outdoors with anti-crash sensors built into the front and rear of myFirst Drone Play!
  • With 300mAh, myFirst Drone Play! can operate in-flight for 7 minutes in total. Drone Play! descends gradually after 7 minutes, to ensure a safe landing. With caged protection, myFirst Drone Play! can be grabbed once descended to a suitable height and range.


  • Dimensions: L2.54 x W2.54 x H0.51cm
  • Weight: 0.03kg