MOFT Cooling Laptop Adhesive Stand

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  • [Adds no weight or bulk] With the thinnest thermally conductive material integrated into invisible design, it's only 10% as thick and heavy as the current cooling pad offerings on the market making it portable for mobile workstation set ups anywhere
  • [Graphene cooling] Whenever your laptop overheats during video editing, photo designing or multitasking, it actively cools the heat on the heat on the CPU surface by 5°C on average, with the highest cooling degree of 8°C-10°C (lab data)
  • [Dual-angle adjustment] With a classic origami-inspired structure, it props up your laptop in a flash. The 25° highly-lifting mode raises your screen, relieving neck pain, while the 15° low-lifting mode makes typing much easier
  • [Upgraded materials] Our new PU Nano Traceless Adhesive enables the stand to attach dozens of times with the same effectiveness, and the specially-made material called Tech Vegan Leather is tougher in wear and tear, so it remains like new for infinite folds
  • [Wide compatibility] Our laptop stand can hold up to 11 lbs, and be compatible with a wide range of laptops - fits up to 16" laptops that have no air vents. (Not compatible with Surface Book 2 and Surface Book)