LEXON Lucie Wearable LED Clip

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Clip Lucie to any bag or clothing to stay safe during your outdoor activities such as cycling, running or walking. Once turned on by a simple press, Lucie will deliver a bright light visible up to 150m to indicate your presence and stay everyone knows where you are in all conditions. Lucie features 4 light settings, fixed, flashing, blinking or breathing, and two colors - red or white. Offering 12 hours battery life, rechargeable by USB-C, rain resistant resistant and available in stylish colors in aluminum finishing, Lucie is the perfect compact wearable light.

Wearable LED clip
Red or white light
Fixed or blinking
Rain-resistance IPX4
Visible light up to 500 feet
Battery life: up to 12h

Rechargeable on USB-C port (cable included)
Material: Aluminium / ABS
Dimensions: 1.2 x 0.5 x 1.8” | G.W: 3 oz


French designer, Yoann Jacquon was born on July 28, 1989. Since his beginnings, he has been particularly interested in the cultural and technical aspects of the cohabitation between man and nature, and how design can play the role of mediator between these two entities. For him, design represents the expression of human intelligence in its relation to nature.