LAB.C Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

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  • If you use wireless charging in multiple locations,LAB.C 512 can become a permanent part of the AirPod case.When connected to the AirPod case, the adapter holds well and, thanks to the silicone strap, opens smoothly.

  • The adapter has an integrated button for controlling the AirPod pairing button andallows you to display the AirPod charge statuson your iPhonewithout delay.If you want to remove the adapter from the case, push the adapter cap off the AirPod case by moving it to the opening of the box.

  • Your AirPod will only change size because the LAB.C 512 wireless charging design matches the appearance of the AirPod case. The adapter has the same white color and gloss finish as AirPody.In addition, the material used is extremely resistant to impact and wear from normal handling. The cap is attached to the main part by a silicone strap.

Adapter Features

  • Designed for Apple AirPods wireless charging
  • Compatible with Qi wireless chargers
  • Input 5 V / 1 A
  • Output 5 V / 0.5 A
  • Dimensions: 51 x 65 x 29.5 mm
  • Dough: 30 g
  • The conversion rate of charge: ≤80%
  • Charge status LED on the bottom of the adapter
  • The color, material, and finish corresponds to the Apple AirPods design
  • Qi does not overcharge the battery
  • The performance limit for using a wireless charger is given by the AirPod technical specification, so the more powerful charger does not shorten the charging time