LAB.C Slim Fit Sleeve 15"

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SLIM FIT SLEEVE Laptop Lab Case is made of high quality woven fabric with durable microfibre fabric, soft texture, and anti-scratch. With wrist strap Increases firmness, holding time. Inside with soft microfiber fabric, anti-scratch for 15-inch laptop.


- PU leather wrist strap with luxurious touch

- Non-fibrous fabric, soft texture. Scratch  

Material: Woven Fabric + PU Leather

Color: Light Gray, Dark Gray

Special Character:

  • Slim design laptop with SLIM FIT SLEEVE from Lab.C
  • Made from high quality woven fabric.
  • Inside with soft microfiber, anti-scratch.
  • Comes with PU leather wrist strap.
  • Wrist strap Increases firmness, holding time. Easy to carry.
  • Suitable for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Notebook, Netbook size up to 15 inches.

Size and Weight

  • Product
    • Dimensions 2.7 x 32.6 x 38 cm
  • Package Included
    • 3 x 34 x 41.25 cm.
    • Weight 300 g