LAB.C Slim Fit Case for iPad 9.7" (2018, 6th Gen)

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Elegant Slim Fit Case from Lab.C for Apple iPad 9.7 "(2018) to appreciate your everyday work, presentation, travel and rest. A deliberately simple design resembles a diary or notebook. The external leather finish is very comfortable to touch and gives your hand a safer and safer grip. Above all, however, it prevents damage to the iPad when inserted between other items in a backpack or bag. The hard rubber inner rubber case encircles the iPad firmly while leaving free access to all ports and buttons. The lens of the camera is ready to fit exactly in the back of the cover. The front flap covers exactly the iPad display, plus a gentle soft material from the inside. Thanks to the two grooves and partially flexible plates, the cover easily transforms into a stand for more comfortable work or video viewing. 

The extra bonus is the Smart Cover function to turn off and turn on the display and a practical Apple Pencil handle, which you will always have when inspiration overwhelms you.


  • Elegant Protective Cover for iPad 9.7 "(2018)
  • Protect the iPad from all sides
  • A safer and safer grip
  • Two-piece construction - solid rubberized core and outer plates
  • Cover Smart Cover - Automatically turns off and on the display
  • Apple Pencil Strap
  • Synthetic surface made of artificial leather
  • A cut in the back of the camera lens
  • Two-position stand function
  • Free access to all ports and buttons