LAB.C Fast Charging Car Charger w Lightning USB port

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This stylish 17W Car Charger with integrated MFI certificated Lightning Cable and one another USB output allows simultaneous charging of 2 devices with a total output of up to 3.4 A. With iPhones or iPads, you can recharge your GPS navigation or any other device. The car charger recognizes and sets the corresponding capacity and power to the connected device through Smart IC. Another great feature is the 2.1 a fast charging support. 

Stylishly braided Lightning Cable A.L. with anodized aluminum connector 120 cm long ensures a convenient placement of the device that is being charged in the desired position without any problems.


  • Car charger with integrated Lab.C Lightning Cable A.L. with USB output
  • Enables simultaneous charging of 2 devices
  • Smart IC technology for effective and secure charging
  • Fast charging support of 2.1 A
  • LED status indicator
  • Total output: 3.4 A
  • Lighting: 5 V / 2,1 A
  • USB: 5 V / 2,4 A
  • Input voltage: DC 12–24 V
  • The maximum output voltage, current, and power: 5 V / 3,4 A / 17 W
  • Length of the Lightning cable: 120 cm
  • MFI certification 


  • Dimension: 2.8 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.04 kg