IVO SB151 Faucet-Mounted Water Purifier Set

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The No. 1 Popular Water Filtration System in Japan.

Do you really know if the water you and your family are drinking is clean?  Often times due to lack of options, we have water delivered from water refilling stations.  While we hardly know how hygienic or pure this water is and if the containers are sanitized and handled properly, we are also opening up our homes to frequent viruses and unseen bacteria. 

Discover IVO, a water-filtration system from Japan that gives you clean, safe, odor-free, and pure drinking water straight from your faucet.  IVO removes 99.99% of the bacteria, chlorine, and harmful compounds from your tap water but retains the calcium, magnesium, and other minerals essential to our bodies.  

The IVO Purifier Set is a compact and convenient device that attaches to your faucet, giving you the option to dispense regular water or clean, filtered water ready for drinking.  Not only is this safer for our family, it is also healthier since we are not ridding our water of essential minerals in the purification process as does regular distilled water or questionable water from refilling stations.  It also saves us the hassle of ordering water regularly, and becomes more economical since one IVO cartridge can dispense 1,500L of filtered water compared to spending P35-P150 for every gallon of water.  

• Ample water pressure is needed for water filter to work properly.
• For first time use—as a break-in procedure, please let water SLOWLY pass through the filter cartridge for 30 seconds (max) to prevent air bubbles, which may give you a premature slow water flow.

  • NSF-approved filtration technology filters chlorine, rust, sediments, turbidity and microscopic Impurities as little as 0.1 micron such as bacteria, microplastics, including sub-microplastics, all while retaining minerals.
  • Advanced 4-stage filtration process with medical-grade hollow fiber membrane – the same technology used in dialysis machines and artificial kidneys in the medical field.  
  • Passed NSF ANSI/CAN 42 standards and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) 3201
  • Manufactured by Toray Industries – the same makers of Torayvino, the No. 1 faucet-mounted water filter in Japan
  • Fits most standard faucets (Not compatible with retractable/ pull-type faucets)



• Philippine Department of Health (DOH-FDA)
• NSF Certified (ANSI/CAN 42)
 Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) S3201 

    • Compact and Easy to Install
    • Easy-to-Use water selection lever (Filtered Water, Unfiltered Spray, Unfiltered Straight)
    • See-through Window on Filter

    Granular activated carbon (GAC) 
    Polysulfone Hollow Fiber Membrane


     Up to 1,500 liters/ 396 gallons
     Recommended replacement of cartridge: Every 4 months

    • One (1) Faucet Head Unit
    • One (1) Cartridge (C151 model, up to 1,500 liters)
    • Adapter Set
    • Product Manual