IOTTIE Velox Magsafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Air Vent Car Mount

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The Velox Wireless Air Vent Mount is a magnetic phone mount with wireless fast charging for MagSafe compatible iPhones. Just place your device against the Velox Mount and it will snap into place in perfect alignment for up to 7.5W of wireless power. The Velox Wireless Air Vent Mount is easily installed by simply sliding the prongs onto the air vent blade where silicone grips prevent it from slipping. The ball joint on the Air Vent Mount allows you to adjust the cradle for an ideal and safe viewing position while you drive. The siliconized surface provides added grip to prevent your phone from slipping, while the aluminum housing efficiently dissipates heat. Now it’s easier than ever to keep your phone powered up on the go.


Designed for the Latest in Cutting-Edge Technology

Velox is built to work with MagSafe compatible iPhones and cases.  Please make sure to use a compatible case otherwise magnetic strength will be affected.


Velox Magnetic Wireless Air Vent Mount Designed for MagSafe

Charge More Efficiently with Velox

Made with an aluminum casing for optimal heat dissipation, allowing any MagSafe series iPhone to charge with maximum efficiency.

Velox Air Vent Mount Internal Magnets for Wireless Charging

Fast Charge Your iPhone without the Cable

7.5W of power to keep your MagSafe series iPhone powered up on the go.

iPhone Charging on the Velox Magnetic Wireless Air Vent Mount

Easy Installation & Secure Connection

High quality siliconized prongs offer a powerful grip with minimal effort.

Velox Magnetic Wireless Air Vent Mount Installation

Fully Adjustable Viewing Angle

Super strong ball joint allows the Velox Air Vent Mount to rotate from landscape to portrait mode. Easily find the most convenient viewing angle.

Velox Magnetic Wireless Air Vent Mount Attached to iPhone in Landscape and Portrait Mode

At a Glance


Velox Magnetic Wireless Air Vent Mount Overview



Wireless fast charging up to 7.5W
Powerful magnetic hold
Durable unibody aluminum housing
Silicone prongs for secure installation
USB-C charger included