ELAGO Genuine Cow Leather Case for AirPods

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  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The AirPods Leather Case is made from natural cowhide leather. When products incorporate leather into their designs you get a personal product; through continued use the leather can change characteristics, making the case unique.

  • BRASS RING HOLDER: Brass was the material used in creating a ring holder to ensure that the material does not rust or lose its original golden color over time. Use the ring holder to conveniently attach your AirPods case to your bag, bicycle, travel carrier, etc.

  • DETAILED DESIGN: The case was specifically designed for the AirPods Case; the leather case does not interfere with charging capabilities while offering great protection. (No guarantee of compatibility with third-party cables except for Elago Lightning cables)

  • SPECS: This picture shows the specifications and characteristics of the leather case. Attention to detail was key in creating this case.