ELAGO Dust Guard for AirPods Pro & Pro 2 (Pack of 2)

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Magnets in AirPods Pro case gather a lot of iron & metal dust over time causing permanent black marks inside the case. elago Dust Guard acts as a buffer between your case and the metal dust keeping your case clean always.


Keep your AirPods Pro tidy and looking beautiful all the time! elago Dust guard has various colors and a luxurious plating.  Unlike other dust guards which are soft and difficult to install, these elago Dust Guards are stiff so it makes installation a lot easier.


The thickness of the plate is 0.04mm. Experience flawless use of the case with the Dust Guard installed.


1) Cut the transparent film in half. 2) Remove the film that is attached to the adhesive side of the Dustguard. 3) The film holds the sticker for easy alignment. 4) Remove the film once you have lined it up perfectly. (Double check and make sure the holes line up) 5) Separate the cap dustguard from the film. 6) Place the Dustguard adhesive side up on the body part and close the lid. Done! Please watch the video for help installing the Dust Guards!


It may take you some time and effort to align the Dust Guard stickers on AirPods Pro, but if you want to keep your airpods Pro clean and beautiful, it will be well worth it.


Compatible with AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2.