ELAGO AirPods Secure Fit Cover

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If you struggle with AirPods slipping out of your ear, try using the elago secure fit covers. These covers won’t add any bulk to the AirPods so you can keep them in the charging case while using the cover. This is the perfect option if you like to keep the AirPod’s original look while making sure your AirPods stay secure in your ears.

EVERYDAY USE: A hassle-free cover for the Apple AirPods. Since the cover works inside the case, you never have to remove it - allowing for seamless use at all times.

A BETTER FIT: The covers add very minimal amount of bulk to the AirPods that help keep them in your ears during regular use and workouts.

SLIGHT NOISE CANCELLATION: By minimizing the extra space in your ears, less ambient noise is allowed in - creating a betterlistening experience.

DETAILED DESIGN: The covers were designed to perfectly match your AirPods. You will have access to all functions of AirPods without any interruptions or hindrances.


  • Dimension: H1.8 x W1.5 x D0.3cm
  • Weight: 0.004kg


1) Flip the Secure Fits inside out so that the glossy side is showing.

2) Line up the cutouts with your AirPods.

3) Flip the Secure Fits back to the original side and make sure cutouts are flush.