ELAGO AirPods Pro Ear Tips Cover

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The problem with AirPods is that it can get dirty during continued use or workouts. The SECURE FIT solves this problem by covering your AirPods Pro with a layer of scratch-free silicone that DOES NOT HINDER ANY FUNCTIONS! elago's Secure Fit COVERS MORE SURFACE AREA than leading competitors - ensuring BETTER PROTECTION!

MOST COMPLAINTS ABOUT SILICONE COVERS ARE that it doesn’t fit in the case or doesn’t last long, but our designers created a cover that is like a SECOND SKIN and FITS IN THE CASE EASILY! Since the cover does not make contact with anything and acts as a PROTECTIVE BUFFER, it stays on for longer PROTECTING AGAINST DIRT, DUST, and OIL FROM DAILY USE.

GIVE YOUR AIRPODS PRO SOMETHING different and add a splash of color! With the different COLOR OPTIONS, you can PERSONALIZE your AirPods PRO by adding your favorite color or switching things up based on your mood or fashion for the day!