ELAGO Dust Guard for AirPods 1 and 2 (Pack of 2)

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Did you know that there are 9 magnets in the AirPods Case that can gather a lot of iron and metal dust over time?  These will cause the areas to darken and look worn out.  The Elago Dust Guards act as a buffer between your AirPods case and the metallic dust that accumulates over time.  The guards can easily be replaced when needed.  

It may be hard and take some time to align the stickers on the AirPods, however, the Elago Dust Guards are made of metal which makes it a lot easier to install versus other similar products in the market that are mostly made of plastic/film.  Please check the Elago Dust Guard installation videos on YouTube as guide on how to install easily.   

Each plate has a thickness of 0.04mm.  


1) Attach the bottom sticker on the body portion.

2) Place the top sticker upside down on the bottom portion so that the adhesive side faces upwards on the body portion.

3) The close lid over the upward facing dust guard so that it sticks perfectly to the inner ceiling once shut.

4) Place your fingers in the AirPods inserts to check if the dust guard is applied properly. If it is not attached properly, it can scratch the AirPods.


  • Dimension: L0.25 x W12.7 H6.35cm
  • Weight: 0.02kg