Return Policy

 - R E T U R N    P O L I C Y -
For warranty claims or return/exchange requests, email us at with these details:
Subject: After Sales - OrderNumber - FullName
Ex. After Sales - MSPH0001 - Juan dela Cruz
➡︎ Reason for return/exchange request
➡︎ Picture of item with damage (if applicable)

    Please wait for our email confirmation if the request is approved.  We will provide return instructions then.

     W H A T ' S   C O V E R E D ?  
    ✔︎ Damaged Goods Upon Receipt
    Nobody is perfect. And as much as we try to make sure our products are, we are only human. If in any case our product arrives to you in a less-than-acceptable state, please let us know pronto so we can process a replacement for you.  We hate making you wait. 
    Email us within 7 days of receipt to file a return request.  Otherwise, we'll assume everything is alright and you are enjoying your purchase.
    ✔︎ Manufacturer's Warranty
    Most of our items have a Manufacturer's Warranty against any factory defects or malfunctions.  Here are the basic validity coverage:
    Cables, Chargers, iPhone cases, Kids toys - 6 months
    Car mounts and non-electrical items - 1 year
    All Packit and Zoku items - 1 year
    All Knomo items - 2 years
    ✔︎ Change of Mind
    We abide by the 7-Day Exchange Policy should you change your mind.  Please note the below conditions for replacement:
    • Item must be in complete and sealed packaging.
    • There must be no signs of usage.  
    • Shipping fees for the return and delivery must be borne by the customer.
    We reserve the right to refuse replacement requests if the item in not in an acceptable condition.  


    ✗ Out of Warranty
    User Damage -- We've all been there: Wine on your iPhone is NOT our idea of a Friday night.  Sorry to say though, that life happens and we cannot protect you from this (even if we try!)  Do know that we will feel bad for you, but unfortunately, cannot do any replacements for such items anymore.
    Beyond Warranty Period -- Sorry but these can no longer be replaced.  If you think your case is an exception, do reach out to us and we will gladly review your case and try to offer a solution if we can.  No promises though.

    W H E R E   &   H O W   D O   I   S E N D   M Y   I T E M ?

    We will reply to your return request with the complete info on where to send back your item, the contact details, and business hours.
    Please note:
    For Technical Issues -- Units may be sent to our office for checking at the cost of the buyer.  If item is deemed working, the same item will sent back to the customer.  If item is defective, a replacement unit will be sent back to the customer.  Costs of return deliveries will be shouldered by us, no sweat.  

    For Physical Issues or Wrong Items -- If it's our fault, we'll take care of it.  Please allow us to have the item picked up and the replacement sent to you at our cost.  And accept our apologies.