myFirst Fone R1 Hybrid 4G Watchphone w Camera

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A brand new Smartwatch phone for kids. Connect myFirst Fone R1 with wireless headphones and play music from your fingertips.

* This model is only compatible in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East region.

** NOT compatible in North America (United States, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador). The production of the model for the North America region will be on hold until further notice.

The All New myFirst Fone R1

4G Music Smartwatch Phone with GPS Tracking & Video Call

myFirst Fone R1 - Smart watch phone for kids with gps tracker

4G Voice Call / Video Call / Messages

Supports 4G LTE and allows real-time communication with parent's smartphones and other contacts. Do leave some voice messages and emojis to your loved ones.

Real-time GPS tracking

R1 uses advanced GPS, WiFi and GSM to help parents accurately and conveniently track their kids. Your child's travel history will be recorded at each set time. 

MP3 On The Go!

Equipped with an MP3 player. You can enjoy music and audiobooks wirelessly or listen to it out loud with the built-in speaker.

Perfect Match With Wireless Headphones

Connect the R1 with myFirst Headphones BC Wireless via Bluetooth. Use the touch sensors on the headphones to play, skip and even mute music

Add Friend Function

You can add friends by tapping the add friend button! You can use functions such as calling and voice message to the added friend.

myFirst Fone R1 - Smart watch phone for kids with gps tracker and MP3 Player

One-Touch SOS

Send distress signals through an integrated SOS button. Once activated, parents will receive an emergency location alert with a 30 seconds live recording of surrounding sounds.

Safe Zone Function

Keep your child within 200m from the boundaries of your holiday home. Preset safety zones for your kids by highlighting geo-locations in the iOS or Android app. Multiple safe zone areas such as "school" and "house" can be registered.

Minimise Distraction with Class Mode

R1 can be silenced at a specified time or day to minimise distractions during Class Mode. Only SOS can be used upon activation. A great feature to let kids stay focused on their schoolwork or studies.

Elevated Edge Design

The myFirst Fone R1 has added a rubber rim around the screen unlike the predecessor, myFirst Fone S2. The elevated edge screen design is to protect the watch’s screen on simple impact or prevent it to hit the ground directly.

IPX7 Waterproof

With the waterproof function equivalent to IPX7, you can use it with confidence even on rainy days. *Not advisable for shower & swimming

Removal Detect

 A motion sensor is mounted on the back of the device to prevent children from losing the device. Parents will be alerted if the R1 is removed from the child’s wrist.

Forbidden Shut Down

To prevent crime or accidental watch operation by children, parents can turn off the power on getting the watch shut down manually.

Quick-Release Mechanism

Just a quick slide from the strap, parents can change the broken watch strap easily while create unique looks for your kids watch.

iOS & Android Compatible

myFirst Fone mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The myFirstFone app allows parents to remotely access information on their kid’s watch phone with full parental control.

myFirst Fone R1 - Smart watch phone for kids with gps tracker


MODEL myFirst Fone R1
Weight 53 g, 1.8 oz
Water Resistance IPX7 *Not advisable for shower & swimming
Wrist Diameter 125mm - 177mm
Material Plastic, Silicon
Display 1.3" TFT Capacitive Touch
Battery Duration Standby time: Up to 48 hours
Talk time: Up to 6 hours
Music playback time: Up to 10 hours
Battery Capacity 580 mAh
System Android 4.4
Memory 4GB Storage + 512MB RAM
Camera 2MP
Network Band 4G (1/3/7/8/20)
3G (2100/900)
2G (1800/900)
SIM Card Nano
Location Positioning GPS, LBS, WiFi, GLONASS


What's In The Box

myFirst Fone R1
USB Charging Cable
User Manual