myFirst 3D Pen Dolphin

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myFirst 3dPen Dolphin - 3D Molder Starter Kit For Kids

Bring your drawings to life with our 3dPen Dolphin - a 3D Molder Starter Kit For Kids!

Suitable for age 4+


  • myFirst 3dPen is designed to add joy to your child’s learning process. After all, drawing is the building block for learning new complex concepts. Journey with us as we build big minds together!
  • Low heat filament with fast solidification. Non-adhesive material filament and easily cleaned off.
  • One button with multiple functions. Click ONCE to start or stop drawing. Click TWICE and pull the excess filaments out. It’s that SIMPLE.
  • Inbuilt battery with USB charging. The device can be taken apart easily to clean the inside. Does not require a connected wire to operate for easy usage.
  • Safety is important. The heat from the inner device does not pervade the exterior, which protects the child from the heat entirely. PLA materials are NOT harmful to the touch.


  • Dimension: L22.09 x 13.72 x 8.13kg
  • Weight: 0.10kg