MOFT Float: Invisible Stand & Case for iPad Air 2020 10.9" (4th gen)

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Change the Way You Interact with Your iPad

We created the MOFT Float with an innovative, patented double-hinge structure. Its slim built-in stand elevates the screen to up to 3.15 inches for comfortable viewing wherever you are. Float it when you need it and make it invisible when you don't.


MOBILE WORKSTATION - Side By Side, The Perfect Second Screen

The MOFT Float transfers iPad into an efficient but lightweight workstation anytime, anywhere as a second display or with the MOFT Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad.

STABLE MODE - Make Your Creativity Flow Smoothly

Quickly adjust the base to immerse yourself in creation while enjoying a seamlessly stable experience. It’s perfect for any creator who wants the most out of their iPad Pro.

PORTRAIT MODE - Elevate Your Reading Experience

Whether at the office, at home, or even outdoors, read and enjoy at the perfect eye level, hands-free.

FLOATING MODE - Raise to Enjoy the Moment

With Floating mode you won’t ever have to bend your neck down. Easily find the best height to unwind your body and mind watching a movie or catching up with friends over video chat.


The Tallest Portable Stand & Case: Makes your mobile working comfortable and lightweight.
Satisfy All of Your Viewing Needs: Comes in floating mode, stable mode and portrait mode.
Fully Adjustable Height & Angle: Easily find a suitable height with a comfortable viewing angle.
Slim Profile: It’s crafted with a built-in stand. Make it invisible when you don't need it.
Lightweight But Durable: After being opened and closed for over 8,000 times, it's still as strong as the first time.


Float 10.9": iPad Air 2020 (4th Generation)
Dimensions: 9.9*7.2*0.55 in/252.5*183.3*13.9 mm
Weight: 14 oz/0.39 kg
Material: TPU, Fiber glass, PC, Magnets, Aluminum alloy