MASKOLOGY Mr. Bump & Friends Adults Mask 175mm, Box of 30

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Poopity Poop!  Poor Mr Bump!  He tries and he tries, but he always gets into trouble and can't avoid bumping all over!  But what we learn from Mr Bump is that if you try hard enough, you will eventually find something you're good at -- like bumping trees to get apples!  Reminisce the lovable Mr Bump with this mask that will keep you safe, instead of into accidents. 

• Fits adults.

• ASTM Level 3

• EN 14683 Type IIR

• BFE > 99% • PFE > 99% • VFE > 99%

• Individually packaged, 30pcs per box.

• Plastic nose wire for better fit

• ISO 14644-1 Class 8 Standard, ISO 13485:2016 Standard

• GB 15979-2002 colony quantity standard

• GB 19083-2010 Rally Technical Requirements

•Outer layer is comfortable, soft, and highly breathable.