MASKLAB X VIVIENNE TAM KF Respirator Adult - Sacred Geometry

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As a continuous effort to add colours and positive energy to the new normal of mask-wearing, Vivienne Tam partners with Masklab to design a collection of printed surgical masks that speak protection and creativity at the same time. The fashionable masks let you step out in style from head to toe, making your mask a part of your outfit of the day.

Vivienne picked four signature patterns from her fashion collection that caters to the different taste and style of cosmopolites, with the thought of making both the wearer and watcher happy.
"Opera Girl” is a well-loved cartoon character created by Vivienne with the vision to bring the beautiful traditional art of Chinese Opera to the new generation.
“V Love Panda” is an ambassador of friendship and peace, also a symbol to remind us to love the earth and live green.
“V_Dragon” is one of the staple pattern in Vivienne Tam's designs, dragon comes in different colours and forms on her runway collections, embodying power in a unique vibe of East meets West.
“Sacred Geometry” represents a sky of clouds made up of mystical geometry patterns that relates man to nature, colouring an art of mathematics.
  • 10 masks per box
  • Individually-wrapped in plastic pouch

Features and Certifications:

  • ASTM F2100 Level 3 surgical mask standard:
  • PFE>99.9%, BFE 99.9%
  • EU PPE Standard EN149 FFP2:
  • High breathability
  • Fluid-resistant of up to 160mmHg
  • Printed with certified non-toxic azo-free dyes:
  • 190mm x 85mm, individually-wrapped
  • Made in Hong Kong in an ISO-certified Class 7 clean room