MASKLAB Surgical Adult - Kois in Bloom

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Frame & Fable x masklab

A collaboration with Frame & Fable, a Hong-Kong-based illustrator and designer. Frame & Fable’s hand drawn illustrations are inspired by nature’s geometry found primarily in flora and fauna. Bold, vivid & contrasting colours combined with fluid and detailed lines paint a myriad of dream worlds.

This series of prints is inspired by symbols of good fortune and new beginnings. It’s the small things - the delicate things - like the ripple a dragonfly leaves behind or the slow bloom of a peony in spring. It’s nature’s recognition of hope and persistence of the little koi ever swimming upstream. Within our surroundings, let’s be reminded of fresh starts and a fresh year.

Pattern:Kois in Bloom

  • ASTM F2100 Level 3 (Highest American Standard) -
    • BFE: >99%
    • PFE: >99%
    • Delta P: 4.5 mmH2O/cm²
    • Fluid Resist: 160 mmHg
  • EN 14683 Type IIR (Highest EU Standard) -
    • Microbial Cleanliness: 17.8 cfu/g
  • Printed with non-toxic, azo-free dyes certified by STC:
  • Hydrophilic ESPP Biocomponent soft inner layer for maximum comfort
  • Size: 175mm x 95mm
  • 10 masks per box
  • Individually-wrapped in plastic pouch