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A comfy pad that makes your desk feel like home.

DeskPad is a vegan leather desk mat created for the detail-obsessed. Like edges that match MacBook’s corner radius and a textured surface perfect for precision mousing. Even better, DeskPad transforms any hard desk into a comfortable warm cushion for your wrists with extra width for extended keyboards and your favorite pointing device. Dress up your desk and elevate its comfort. Order a Black or Dove Grey DeskPad today. 

What makes DeskPad your perfect work surface:

  • Luxury vegan leather pad enhances & protects desk

  • Warm textured surface for comfort & precision mousing

  • Extra width for extended keyboard & pointing device

  • Available in Black or Dove Grey

Make yourself comfortable.

Why rest your wrists on a cold, hard desk when you can rest them on a warm, cushiony DeskPad? Seriously. Make long work stretches more comfortable for yourself. Along with helping you feel good, DeskPad enhances the look of your work surface, organizing your Mac, keyboard, and mouse on an elegant bed of vegan leather. 

Precision mousing for efficiency and artistry.  

What you may love most about DeskPad is how well it makes your favorite pointing device perform. Thanks to the texture and resistance of DeskPad, you can move your cursor around a massive Numbers document effortlessly or put the finishing touches on a design project with surgical precision.

Sized for your MacBook and extended keyboards.

DeskPad was designed extra-wide for extended keyboards with room for a mouse, not just as a solo MacBook mat. We also intentionally kept the depth of DeskPad shallow, allowing room for your iMac or display just 15 inches away. See, size really does matter.

Two essential colors. 

Black was the obvious choice for DeskPad because of how good it looks atop a dark wood or glass desk. Knowing so many people have white desks, we added a Dove Grey option for a more subtle contrast. Dress up your desk, cushion your wrists. Order your DeskPad now.