ELAGO Hexa Stylus Pen

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When designing the Hexa Stylus, Elago went with something sleek, stylish, and functional. The Hexa Stylus, made from solid aluminum, was created to be compact and durable, with an ergonomic hexagonal shape to mimic the feel of a real pencil.  
  • Designed for use with all touch screen devices
  • Soft touch pen-point for better screen-protection.
  • Precise touch and control, easily avoid pressing the wrong keys.
  • World's First Replaceable Tip
  • Extra Rubber Tip included
*EDITOR'S TIP:  This is the perfect tool for a child's e-Learning journey on an iPad.  Help them practice their pen grip even while working on a touchscreen by providing a tangible "pen" for them to use.   The soft-tip also lessens the risk of getting scratches on the iPad screen.