PLAYSHIFU Orboot: Planet Mars (Interactive AR Globe)

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For Ages 6+

Orboot Mars

Interactive AR Globe

Visualize and uncover the secrets of the Red Planet and explore all the missions sent from Earth!

  • Discover
    DISCOVER 1000+ facts
  • ExploreEXPLORE 20+ spacecrafts
  • EmbarkEMBARK on space adventures

Scan, Interact & Learn

Interactive AR globe that brings alive Mars missions in 3D

Interactions & Games Inside the Orboot Mars App:

Discover Mars: Take a tour of the Red Planet and visit prominent Martian plains, craters, valleys and mountains.

Code RedExperience a fictional space adventure - navigate a spacecraft and rescue stranded astronauts

How it Works

All you need is a smart device to download the app. You need to purchase the Orboot globe separately. Use your device to scan icons on the AR-powered globe, pick a mission to explore, and learn away!

  • Install the "ORBOOT MARS" “Orboot Mars” app from the App Store/Play Store
  • Scan the globeScan the Globe with the app to interact with 3D rovers, landers & orbiters
  • Tap on the Mars missionTap on the Mars Mission to learn more! 


Do I need WiFi/internet to use Orboot?

Only once, to set up the app! After the Orboot Mars app is set up on your device, you can play the games offline. Don’t forget to update your app to have access to all new games and levels from time to time.

Do I need Batteries to operate Orboot?

No, you don’t need batteries, Bluetooth, or any other extra electronics or hardware to use Orboot.

CNN says:

"Conceptual interests like space make better learners and smarter kids"

The Brain Benefits:
- Scientific Thinking
- Perseverance Skills
- Attention To Detail

Device Compatability

iPad 5th gen & above iPhone 6 and above
iPad Air all models Android Device with
minimum 3 GB RAM
iPad Pro all models Amazon Fire Devices
Not supported
iPad Mini 2 & above