PLAYSHIFU Orboot: Earth (The Educational AR Globe)

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For Ages 4-10

Orboot Earth

Interactive AR Globe

Explore the world with 400+ highlights and 1000+ cool facts across 6 categories - cultures, cuisines, monuments, inventions, animals and maps.

  • Scan SCAN the globe with the app
  • Interact INTERACT with the world on Globe
  • Learn LEARN about them in detail

"Unlike any globe on the market… Orboot Earth aims to open the world to children by sparking their curiosity"


LEARN from Six Categories:

1. Animals

2. Culture

3. Cuisines

4. Inventions

5. Maps

6. Monuments



Do I need Bluetooth or batteries to operate Orboot Earth?

No, you don’t need batteries, Bluetooth, or any other extra electronics or hardware to use Orboot Earth.

Do I need WiFi/internet to use Orboot Earth? 

Only once, to set up the app! After the Orboot Earth app is set up on your device, you can play the games offline, without the internet. However, you will need to connect to the internet from time-to-time to update your app and have access to all new games and levels.

How exactly does Orboot Earth work?

  • All you need is a smart device and the Orboot Earth globe. Use your device to scan icons on the AR-powered globe, pick a category to explore, and learn away!

Device Compatibility

  • iPad 5th gen and above
  • iPad Air all models
  • iPad Pro all models
  • iPad Mini 2 and above
  • iPhone 6 and above
  • Android Device with minimum 3 GB RAM
  • Amazon Fire Tablets not supported