PLAYSHIFU Tacto - Chess

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The ultimate brain game made easy withTacto Chess

Turn your tablet into an interactive chessboard!
Learn Chess through story-based themes, a detailed learn mode, and 100+ mini-puzzles.
For Ages 6-12


TACTO CHESS by PlayShifu turns your tablet into an interactive chessboard and uses tactile figurines to drive the gameplay on screen. Tacto is the the easiest way to learn Chess! Tacto makes chess fun and interactive with animated story-based themes. Battle for bananas, candy, and glory!

The extensive learn mode teaches everything from single moves to advanced strategies! The move predictor mode helps you understand what your opponent’s next move could be. The 4x4 mini-puzzles help you practice strategies before advancing to a full chessboard. And when you’re ready, outwit your friends and family in 2-player-mode or play against AI in the single-player-mode.

For AGES 6 and up, the game boosts strategic thinking and problem solving skills. It helps children focus and builds attention span.

3 'Strategic' Reasons To Love Tacto Chess


Learn to play single moves and advanced strategies with the AI mode that predicts your opponent’s next move.


Play against the AI and practice chess strategies with 100+ mini puzzles.


Uses real figurines to experience unforgettable stories and characters as you make your moves on screen.


IN THE BOX: 2 frames and 12 figurines (2 sets of pawn, bishop, knight, rook, queen, king). Attach the 2 frames on the sides of your tablet and place the figurines in their slots. Pick a mode, strategize, and make your moves using the figurines on screen!

COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Tacto works with a range of tablets: iPads 5 and above (iPad 2 and iPad Mini 1 not supported) Android tabs 7-inches and above, minimum 2GB RAM (Samsung Tab A not supported), Fire HD 8 - 2018, 2020, Fire HD 10 - 2021(Fire 7 not supported). Tacto app is absolutely free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and works even without the internet (no ads or in-app purchases).