PLAYSHIFU Plugo - Farm | Nurture Animals & Manage Business

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Learn how to run a business with Plugo Farm!

Real figurines, digital games

Solve 100+ story-based challenges to manage your farm!

For ages 4-10

Plugo Farm by PlayShifu


Plugo Farm is the world’s first AR farm kit! Build and manage your digital farm using real figurines by working your way through 200+ challenges.

Manage your time between animals, produce, and customers. Nurture your animals and crops, plan your resources, build inventory, and tend to customers to earn heart points.

Plugo Farm helps early learners strengthen problem-solving and planning skills. It teaches time management and helps children understand value-creation in the real world.



The box includes: 1 farm base, 5 crops, 4 animals, 1 tractor (with harvester and tanker attachments), 1 bucket, 1 fodder, 8 flags, 1 manager figurine

Note: This set DOES NOT include a gamepad.


Meet the AR farm kit! How it works:

1. Unfold the Gamepad and place your device in the slot.

2. Open the Plugo app and select Farm.

3. Place your Farm base on the magnetic play area.

4. Use the figurines to solve problems and build your dream farm!



3 ‘Barn-tastic’ Reasons To Love Plugo Farm

Run & grow a business

Expand on your understanding of farm life. Learn how to create value in the real world, manage and grow your farm from Day 0 onwards!

100+ story-based challenges

Take care of animals, stock up on produce, and keep your customers happy. Level up to earn the currency of ‘heart’ points.

Playtime build skills for life

Cultivate vital early learning skills like decision making, critical thinking, social-emotional intelligence, and time management.

Farm, Flags, and Figurines

Play with tactile pieces in the real world (flags, animal and resource figurines) to run your digital farm in-app. Come, build your dream farm!


- iOS - iPad 5th gen or newer, all models of iPad Pro (except Pro 12.9"), all models of iPad Air, iPad Mini 2nd gen or newer, iPhone 6 or newer

- Android - Samsung devices: 2015 and newer, 2GB RAM and above [Samsung Tab A7, A10.5, S7 and S7+ not supported] | Amazon - Fire 7 (9th gen 2019 release only), Fire 8 (8th gen 2018 release, 10th gen 2020 release); [Fire 10 not supported]