MOFT Magnetic Ring Sticker

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Add MagSafe Compatibility with Every Bit of it

The ring is magnetic with nothing extra in design. Its seamless alignment gives you the confidence to snap any MagSafe accessories on whatever phone you have.

The Strongest Among The Thinnest

We didn't trade magnetic strength for its aesthetics. It’s technically the slimmest with 36 built-in magnets to lock your phone and MagSafe accessory together.

Aviation Material for Years of Durability

Made with the aluminum alloy used in aviation, each ring has been through 5 honing processes to achieve a delicate texture and deformation resistance.

Firmly It Attaches, Tracelessly It Detaches

The ring attaches securely through a super strong adhesive to put your mind at ease and leaves zero marks or scratches after detaching.

Dimensions: 2.2*2.2*0.06 in/55*55*1.5 mm

Weight: 0.2 oz/5 g

Material: Metal sheets, Magnets, Adhesive

Compatibility:It sticks to phone cases made from TPU, PC, metal, or glass.

Note:it doesn’t work with phone cases made from silicone, leather, wood, matte glass, or with a painted, uneven or waterproof surface.