ZOKU Naughty Or Nice Ice Tray

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Everyone knows someone who is naughty or nice. Next time show them by adding Zoku’s Naughty Or Nice Ice into their glass. This playful silicone ice mold comes in a set of eight—perfect for your next get together. Once frozen simply remove the legible word ice by inverting the silicone—no rinsing required. The bold word ice is specifically designed to fit into double old-fashioned glasses.
BPA and phthalate free
Includes: 1 Silicone ice mold with 8 legible words—4 Naughty and 4 Nice
Care: Hand Wash
Capacity: About 1.3 fl. oz. each
Model: ZK138
1. Fill molds with water
2. Freeze for 8+ hours
3. Push on the bottom of the molds to release ice—no rinsing required
4. Place ice in double old-fashioned glass and pour drink over word ice